What Are Signs Of Being A Prophetic Scribe?

What Are Signs Of Being A Prophetic Scribe?

A prophetic scribe is a believer who operates in any of the items of the scribe identified within the scriptures by the leading of Holy Spirit. For example, scribes were officers in the dispensation of Moses (making up 1/three of the council), serving righteous kings (reign of David/Solomon), setting up instructional templates for the folks (Ezra’s work) and other capabilities that concerned administration, instruction or creative strategy that ranged from managing treasuries of kinds, mapping family tree or producing accurate hitales of their time.

They were not "all prophets" — though some prophets operated as scribes. They were not all writers although some scribes were. It’s like saying, I’m a prophetic musician — however you may play any number of instruments string to keys.

The term, prophetic scribe, should be seen as umbrella time period that encompasses many "scribal gifts" that, in case you are a believer in the gifts of the Spirit, are led by the Spirit. It is among the most misunderstood offices within the scriptures.

There’s additionally the understanding of scribal prophets (a type of prophetic scribe). Scribal prophets are absolutely functioning prophets (not a special gift) whose callings are merely pushed more toward "scribal activities." This is my view. It has been my focus of study for 20 years… and in my work in my MDIV program… and shortly doctorate. I hope this adds to the conversation.

My suggestion concerning personal examine is to simply look on the "perform" of scribes from the moment they have been pulled into the primary group of the "congregation" with Moses… and then trace their journey from there. They have been a part of the group that received an outpouring of the Spirit in Number 11… and prophesied.

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