Latex Paint Spraying Guide

Latex Paint Spraying Guide

Most of the time when you find yourself spraying latex you may be painting interiors of homes It is usually very common to use airless sprayers for this purpose. However, airless sprayers do not provide the same quality of end that you would be able to achieve with an HVLP Spray Gun. Additionally, an HVLP spray gun is more environment friendly at making use of coating to a product’s surface. The downside to an HVLP spray gun is that it will likely be slower than an airless at finishing a given project. Ultimately, in case your most important goal is achieving a high quality end an HVLP spray gun is what you’ll most definitely wish to use.

Challenges of using HVLP spray gun with latex paint
HVLP spray weapons use a high volume of air at low pressure to atomize (break up) coating. The low pressure permits them to use less paint and be more environment friendly at applying a coating to a product surface. Nevertheless, the low pressure that HLP spray gun uses can make it harder to break up thicker coatings, including latex paints. To be able to successfully spray latex paint with an HVLP spray gun, just a few things will must be considered.

You will have to make use of a high volume air cap (high CFM) – high quality HVLP spray weapons will include a variety of setups for the air cap as well as the fluid nozzle. The higher the amount of air and air cap uses, the higher it will likely be at being able to atomize heavier bodied coatings like latex paint.
If you may be using a turbine pushed HVLP spray gun it would be best to use a multistage turbine. The more stages you can afford on your turbine unit, the better ability the unit could have in being able to spray latex paint. If you are considering between an HVLP spray gun and a turbine unit for latex painting projects, you possibly can study about the differences between the 2 here.
Use a big fluid nozzle- For a pressure fed HVLP Spray Gun you'll usually wish to use at the least a 1.eight MM Fluid Nozzle. For a Gravity Fed HVLP Spray Gun you will typically need not less than a 2.0 or higher to be able to get the Latex Paint to flow. The massive fluid nozzle will enable for the latex paint to circulation, smaller fluid nozzles will typically be hard to get Latex paint to circulation adequately.
Thinning-you’ll most definitely have to thin the latex paint to be able to get it to adequately atomize. This is very true in case your using a gravity fed HVLP Spray gun. You want to be sure to use the producer’s advisable thinner and only thin it the minimal amount wanted to get it to adequately spray.
If you do not want to use thinner, you’ll need to consider utilizing a pressure fed HVLP spray gun – pressure fed guns are available for HVLP spray guns which can be fed by an air compressor. They'll permit thicker coatings to be able to be provided to the gun effectively and give better control of the amount of coating you might be supplying at a given time which may help in achieving higher atomization despite the heavy bodied latex paint. You possibly can be taught more about pressure vs gravity vs suction fed spray guns here.
When an HVLP spray gun is right for spraying latex paint
When your main goal is achieving a top quality end like when painting cabinets or trim
When you will have smaller areas to be painted that won't require a large volume of paint to cover the surface
When it's good to keep Overspray to a Minimum
Options to using an HVLP spray gun with latex paint
If you want to be able to keep up high production however still achieve a finer finish, you could probably use an airless paint sprayer with a fine end tip. A Fine finish tip permits for higher atomization than a regular airless tip though will not yield the identical finish that an HVLP spray gun will.

if you’re looking at a project will require a fine end and requires the application of latex paint and HVLP spray gun may be the ultimate resolution for you. To achieve the very best end result potential, you need to use a high quantity CFM air cap, thin the material an appropriate quantity, consider using a pressure fed system especially if you'll be using a compressor fed HVLP spray can, and if you'll be using a turbine driven HvLP spray gun it would be best to use a multistage system. By following the following pointers, you'll be able to achieve a high quality finish together with your latex paint project. For options on compressed air spray guns that may be ultimate for your project you can contact us at present

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